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Hair no more laser removal

There are some major cons to using waxing as a way to remove hair from places you don’t want it. When it comes to removing hair in places you would rather not have it, the safest choice that is still very effective is using a specially-designed cream or gel. You can get that pesky hair removed in minutes and can avoid Medieval torture-like techniques that cause unnecessary suffering to men and women around the world.

Why Choose us?

  • We only source our products from well-established aesthetic companies to ensure we offer the best and safest products available on the market to our clients.
  • Save Face is a Professional Standards Authority accredited register and is recognised by the Government, The Department of Health, NHS England and signposted by NHS Choices.
  • We offer bespoke treatment plans specifically designed for clients’ individual concerns with thorough consultations.
  • We like to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible and make it easy to open up about their concerns without feeling judged.
  • We have been independently assessed against a robust set of standards in order to be certified as Save Face Accredited.
  • Up to date with the latest products and technologies, education never ends for us.

Wow Fusion!

  • Rosacea
  • Open Pores
  • Oily Skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Dull skin

What is WOW! Fusion?

WOW! Fusion is an innovative new treatment which is the fusion of the three most popular aesthetic treatments: Micro needling, Mesotherapy and Botox. The WOW Fusion device uses 20 gold-plated, titanium micro needles to gently puncture the skin and is attached to a glass vial containing your bespoke skin ‘cocktail’. The Fusion cocktail flows down the needles into the skin delivering the products into the dermis to begin you skin transformation

Micro needling is a very popular treatment in clinic and is well known for it’s benefits in reducing lines/wrinkles, reducing scarring, improving the skin’s micro circulation, shrinking pores and improving skin texture. When Micro needling is used alone these Benefits can take several months to be seen, multiple sessions are required and there is usually a few days of downtime, but when WOW Fusion combines micro needling with mesotherapy solutions and Botox these improvments are seen almost immediately just one treatment and last for around 3 months, making the perfect treatment for those who want results fast.

What is BiorePeelCl3

Chemical Peels have long been a popular non-surgical treatment for patients who want to improve the quality and condition of their skin. Peels are what we call a chemical exfoliant, helping to actively clear away the build-up of dead skin cells to reveal the more youthful and radiant looking skin beneath, whilst also working to stimulate fibroblast activity in order to encourage the production collagen – one of the important ‘building blocks’ of skin that gives it strength and structure.

BioRepeelCl3 is a 35% TCA Peel (TCA stands for Trichloroacetic Acid – a non-toxic chemical related to vinegar that has been used for decades in non-surgical aesthetic treatments) to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and scarring. It’s suitable for use on a variety of different skin types and a treatment requires minimal down time, meaning you can get back to day to day life immediately. Depending on the concentration of the TCA, this type of peel penetrates through the top five layers of the epidermis to the upper most layers of the dermis