PH Formula

PH formula is a range of skin products which are pharma-cosmeceuticals treating ageing, acne, hyperpigmentation and chronic redness. Certain treatments are done in-clinic with the product and there are also home care products to take home and use.

The pHformula range provides bespoke solutions to the common skin disorders of ageing management, acne, pigmentation and chronic redness.

The unique combination of alpha and beta hydroxyl acids as well as anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins and trace elements within pHformula stimulate cellular repair and turnover; in turn increasing collagenesis and improving elastin fibres, tyrosinase inhibition and sebostatic control as well as regulating and suppressing the symptoms associated with sensitive skin.

pHformula provides a commitment to younger-looking, healthier skin; improvements are noticeable from the first treatment with optimal results achieved with regular treatment and use of the complementary homecare support products. Practitioners and patients alike report near 100% patient satisfaction with both groups remarking on an immediate improvement in the softness, radiance and integrity of the skin. With no post procedural erythema or tightness, the biggest single benefit to pHformula is no downtime and no impact on social interactions. The social benefits of a “no peel” approach make pHformula a very attractive option for the contemporary consumer.